Why should a student learn a foreign language

Why should a student learn a foreign language?

Students are energetic and active people. They stand for any progress, for any initiative. They like to try something new, find some talents, gain knowledge that will be useful to them in the future. The latter is done by university students mainly in lectures, studying specialized subjects. Some students go further, study additional subjects. Especially often, you can hear from such initiative guys that they learn a foreign language.

From them, by the way, we must take an example for all students. The fact is that there are several reasons to learn a foreign language. And they are all weighty.


There are students who do not want to stay in their country, but are considering the option of moving abroad, realizing themselves as a professional abroad. If a young man with a diploma knows a foreign language, if he does not need to bring it to perfection during emigration, then in a new country it will not be difficult for him to adapt. He will be able to find a job in the shortest possible time and improve his life.

Demand in the labor market

If a student plans to stay in his country, this does not mean that a foreign language will not be useful to him. Currently, many companies are actively cooperating with foreign partners. You need to interact with them. And this requires employees who know more than just their native language.

Additional income

Many people strive to improve their living standards and increase their income. To do this, they are looking for an opportunity to earn extra money. For a person who knows foreign languages, there is always a side job. He can become a translator, tutor for children who want to improve their knowledge, learn to speak a foreign language. An individual who speaks a foreign language can find a high-paying job on copywriting exchanges: there will always be orders for translations.

Sample Study

If a student is fluent in a foreign language, then in preparation for lectures he will be able to use not only the materials that are available to all his classmates. Such a student will be able to search for the necessary information on sites that are maintained in a language known to him. There he will surely learn something new and unusual. Teachers will appreciate such zeal, such a creative approach to learning, and will give higher marks.

Student Exchange Program

Not all students can get into it. Only the very best students, who are distinguished by good academic performance, can qualify to go to study abroad for a while. But not only high marks will play a role when a decision is made whether to include a student in an exchange program or not. The student must have a command of a foreign language to be able to support any conversation, learn the material that will be studied.

All the above arguments should prompt the student to think about the need to pay attention to a foreign language. Especially knowledge of an international language, for example, English, will be useful and necessary for him. It will give him a huge number of opportunities for self-realization.