Ukrainian alphabet

LetterEnglish soundPronunciation
А а/ɑ/as in car
Б б/b/as in best
В в/w/aas in well
Г г/ɦ/as in good
Ґ ґ/ɡ/as in give
Д д/d/, /dʲ/as in day
Е е/ɛ/as in Jerry
Є є/jɛ/ or /ʲɛ/as in yellow
Ж ж/ʒ/as in pleasure
З з/z/, /zʲ/as in zodiac
И и/ɪ/as in ink
І і/i/, /ʲi/as in see
Ї ї/ji/as in yield
Й й/j/as in yours
К к/k/as in kid
Л л/l/, /lʲ/as in love
М м/m/as in man
Н н/n/, /nʲ/as in nice
О о/ɔ/as in opera
П п/p/as in pool
Р р/r/, /rʲ/as in rise
С с/s/, /sʲ/as in sing
Т т/t/, /tʲ/as in time
У у/u/as in cool
Ф ф/f/as in free
Х х/x/as in the Spanish ‘j’ in Jose
Ц ц/t͡s/, /t͡sʲ/as in hats
Ч ч/t͡ʃ/as in church
Ш ш/ʃ/as in shine
Щ щ/ʃt͡ʃ/as in share
Ь ь/◌ʲ/indicate the softness of consonants
Ю ю/ju/ or /ʲu/as in you
Я я/jɑ/ or /ʲɑ/as in yah, yahoo

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