Turkish alphabet

LetterEnglish soundPronunciation
A a/a/a’ as in father
B b/b/b’ as in book
C c/dʒ/j’ as in Joke
Ç ç/tʃ/ch’ as in chimpanzee
D d/d/d’ as in day
E e/e/, /ɛ/e’ as in red or ‘a’ as in cat
F f/f/f’ as in far
G g/ɡ/, /ɟ/g’ as in game
Ğ ğ/ɣ/1No equivalent, watch video below
H h/h/h’ as in hot
I ı/ɯ/e’ as in open
İ i/i/i’ as in machine
J j/ʒ/s’ as in pleasure
K k/k/, /c/k’ as in kilo
L l/l/, /ɫ/l’ as in life
M m/m/m’ as in master
N n/n/n’ as in nice
O o/o/o’ as in more
Ö ö/ø/u’ as in turn
P p/p/p’ as in spin
R r/ɾ/the ‘r’ as in car
S s/s/s’ as in smile
Ş ş/ʃ/sh’ as in shine
T t/t/t’ as in stop
U u/u/u’ as in ultimate
Ü ü/y/u’ as in cube
V v/v/v’ as in victory
Y y/j/y’ as in you
Z z/z/z’ as in zigzag

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