Spanish alphabet

LetterEnglish soundPronunciation
A a/a/as in father
B b/b/as in bat
C c/k/, /θ/as in cat
CH ch/tʃ/as in child
D d/d/as in desk
E e/e/as in egg
F f/f/as in factory
G g/ɡ/, /x/as in government
H hsilentas in honor
I i/i/as in police
J j/x/h’ as in home
K k/k/as in kilometer
L l/l/as in legal
LL ll/ʎ/y’ as in you
M m/m/as in mother
N n/n/as in nationality
Ñ ñ/ɲ/as in canyon
O o/o/as in old
P p/p/as in peninsula
Q q/k/as in chemistry
R r/r/as in market
RR rr/r/as in Roma
S s/s/as in soup
T t/t/as in text
U u/u/u’ as in tutor
V v/b/as in bandage
W w/ɡw/as in Washington
X x/x/, /ks/as in excellent
Y y/ʝ/, /i/as in Yucatan
Z z/θ/th’ as in think (Spain) or ‘s’ as in sale (Latin Am.)

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