Romanian alphabet

LetterEnglish soundPronunciation
A a/a/a as in father, or a as in above
Ă ă/ə/watch video below
 â/ɨ/watch video below
B b/b/b as in ball
C c/k/, /tʃ/c as in cat, ch as in chimpanzee if c appears before letters e or i
D d/d/d as in door
E e/e/, /e̯/, /je/e as in merry,ye as in yes
F f/f/f as in flag
G g/ɡ/, /dʒ/g as in goat, g as in general if g appears before letters e or i
H h/h/, (mute)h as in house, or silent if h appears between letters c or g and e or i (che, chi, ghe, ghi)
I i/i/, /j/, /ʲ/i as in machine, y as in yes
Î î/ɨ/watch video below
J j/ʒ/s as in pleasure
K k/k/k as in like
L l/l/l as in lamp
M m/m/m as in mouth
N n/n/n as in north
O o/o/, /o̯/o as in floor
P p/p/p as in pot
Q q/k/k as in kettle
R r/r/r as in Roma
S s/s/s as in song
Ș ș/ʃ/s as in sugar
T t/t/t as in tip
Ț ț/ts/zz as in pizza
U u/u/, /w/u as in group, w as in cow
V v/v/v as in vision
W w/v/, /w/, /u/v as in vision, w as in west, oo as in spoon
X x/ks/, /ɡz/x as in six, x as in example
Y y/j/, /i/y as in yes, i as in machine
Z z/z/z as in zipper

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