Portuguese alphabet

LetterEnglish soundPronunciation
Aa/a/, /ɐ/pronounced like ‘a’ in father
Bb/b/sounds like boy
Cc/k/; /s/sounds like cow
CH chshsounds like sh in shoe
Dd/d/ ~ [dʒ]sounds like dog
Ee/e/, /ɛ/, /i/,sounds like seven,
Ff/f/sounds like frog
Gg/ɡ/; /ʒ/sounds like go, or zh
Hhsilentsilent letter
Ii/i/sounds like ee in street
Jj/ʒ/sounds like zh sound
Kkksounds like kit
Ll/l/ [u̯]sounds like long
Mm/m/sounds like monkey
Nn/n/sounds like nose
Oo/o/, /ɔ/, /u/sounds like open
Pp/p/sounds like pan
Qq/k/sounds like k sound in kit
Rr/ɾ/, /ʁ/sounds like h sound in hot
Ss/s/sounds like sing
Tt/t/ ~ [tʃ]sounds like time
Uu/u/sounds like ou sound in you
Vv/v/sounds like violin,
Wwwsounds like wallet,
Xx/ʃ/, /ks/; /z/, /s/, /ʒ/sounds like exit,
Yyysounds like yellow
Zz/z/; /s/, /ʒ/, /ʃ/sounds like zebra
ç/s/sounds like sing

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