Polish alphabet

LetterEnglish soundPronunciation
A auas in fun
Ą ąon, omas in long, or tom before ‘b’ or ‘p’
B bbas in bat
C ctsas in bits
Ć ćchas in cheek
D ddas in dog
E eeas in red
Ę ęen, emas in sense, or gem before ‘b’ or ‘p’
F ffas in far
G ggas in gap
H hchas in loch (aspirated)
I iias in fit
J jyas in yes
K kkas in kit
L llas in lip
Ł łwas in wet
M mmas in mat
N nnas in nut
Ń ńnyn’ as in onion
O ooas in hot
Ó óuas in push
P ppas in pin
R rras in Roma (rolled)
S ssas in sun
Ś śshas in sheep
T ttas in top
U uuas in push
W wvas in vat
Y yyas in rhythm
Z zzas in zip
Ź źzhg’ as in Niger (soft)
Ż żzhs’ as in pleasure (hard)
Qq, Vv, Xxk, v, xonly in foreign words

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