Learn a foreign language on our own

Knowledge of a foreign language, at least one, can sometimes change our life. A person who possesses such knowledge can get a job in a reputable company that offers good salaries, can easily communicate with native speakers. Recently, more and more attention has been paid to the study of languages, and in order to start learning, today it is not even necessary to take courses. You just need free time and desire. Many schools have been opened with experienced teachers working with “smart programs” that allow you to learn a language in a short time, but the courses are expensive. With regard to the result obtained, it will not always be what we expect. To save money, it would be better to start learning the language yourself.

So, if you are determined to “sit down to textbooks”, then keep in mind that during the training you may encounter some pitfalls. Decide which language you decided to study, for what purposes you will do it. If the study is necessary for work, then start with the routine phrases of maintaining a conversation, greeting, goodbye, and so on. Study the topics that are needed. For people who often travel, the language barrier sometimes gets in the way. Therefore, you need to know the phrases that allow you to navigate in certain situations. For example, going to a store, cafe, hotel accommodation will become comfortable for you if you can keep up a conversation with the service staff.

To learn phonetic rules, listen first to individual sounds, and only then to combinations. Any language has a set of rules for building sentences, it is important to master these rules. To build on your knowledge, try chatting with native speakers on forums. Challenge yourself to learn a certain number of words or phrases per day. You can write out the words along with the translation, as children do at school. You can also search for free courses on the Internet.

At first, it will not be easy for you, but don’t give up, otherwise you will never get the necessary knowledge. Write words on cards that can be pasted in several places in the apartment. When you see a “reminder”, repeat the word written on it. Learning a language is not as difficult as it seems, because it can be done during routine homework. The hardest part of this business is getting started. Learning languages, according to scientists, protects the brain from aging, because it is a kind of training that helps to maintain clarity of thoughts for a long time.