Hungarian alphabet

LetterEnglish soundPronunciation
A/ɒ/as in call
Á/aː/i’ as in file
B/b/as in absence
C/ts/as in tsunami
Cs/tʃ/as in check
D/d/as in deck
Dz/dz/as in kids
Dzs/dʒ/as in jam
E/ɛ/as in less
(Ë)/e/as in same
É/eː/as in café
F/f/as in find
G/ɡ/as in get
Gy/ɟ/as in duke
H/h/as in hi
I/i/as in thick
Í/iː/as in leave
J/j/as in you
K/k/as in key
L/l/as in leave
Ly/j/as in hey
M/m/as in mind
N/n/as in noon
Ny/ɲ/as in new
O/o/as in force
Ó/oː/as in go
Ö/ø/as in pool
Ő/øː/as in stool
P/p/as in peas
(Q)as in queen (only in foreign words)
R/r/as in Roma
S/ʃ/as in share
Sz/s/as in say
T/t/as in tell
Ty/c/as in stew
U/u/as in rude
Ú/uː/as in do
Ü/y/as in ultimate
Ű/yː/not used in English
V/v/as in very
(W)/v/as in view
(X)as in exact (only in foreign words)
(Y)/i/as in year (only in foreign words)
Z/z/as in desert
Zs/ʒ/as in pleasure

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