How to start learning a foreign language

I think everyone wondered “how to start?” when starting to learn English. But, unfortunately, almost all programs are designed to just follow the textbooks. The teacher explains the material, reads out the rules, but students only complete the exercises in the textbook. And in the end, no practice. For some reason, teachers forget that listening to speech gives more results than learning the language the way everyone did at school.

Here are a couple of examples to prove it. The first is the assimilation of their native language when they were still babies. Remember, we learned the first words not sitting at desks, but only learning about the world (listening to what your parents say, kindergarten teachers …). The second example is also related to the study of the native language. In some countries, the official language is used less frequently. It is used in the media or documents, but in everyday life it is spoken differently. For example, in Belarus and Ukraine, most citizens speak Russian, only the state language can hear everything while watching TV. Our parents were not given enough hours in favor of learning Ukrainian when they were in school. But now they own it almost on a par with us. At first, almost all speech was not clear, but now you can understand absolutely every one. Likewise, you must take into account the factor that no one even made an effort to study it.

Therefore, the main factor in learning a foreign language is its use in speech. This also applies not only to the study of words, but also to the study of grammar, the study of phonetics… For this, it is enough to watch an excerpt of your favorite film or TV series with subtitles in a foreign language several times a week. 10 minutes any day, and you will see great progress in a few months!