How to improve your English skills?

How to improve your English skills?

Let us start by considering the fact that political, economic, scientific and sports life is being carried out worldwide in English. Over one billion people use it extensively. English is the official language of the United Nations. In the same way, the banking system, the transport system, International trade and the exchange of information among the greatest scientific minds are being implemented in English. There is no doubt at all that nowadays language skills are gaining importance. The conclusion we can make from that is clear. Learning English is relevant for everybody who wants to be well-educated. The question is, what are the ways of achieving effective results in English learning way? I will be happy to share with you a few methods and techniques that will help you to improve your level of a language.

I would like to start with an absolute godsend. It is called “Fluent in 3 months”. The author of the blog is Benny Lewis. He is a polyglot, a full-time globe trotter and international bestselling author. Benny shows a completely new approach to learning languages. His Conversation Countdown course takes the form of communicating by email that makes the language learning way simpler and more enjoyable.

Although you can find a huge number of different applications and trainings online which certainly bear fruit, in most cases it is getting boring quickly. One of the exceptions is “HelloTalk”. This supplement allows you to communicate with a variety of people from all over the globe by text messages and voice mail. Do not worry about possible mistakes while chatting because there is a function of testing your orthography for errors.

Have you ever sung a foreign song without knowing the lyrics? It sounds funny, does not it? In fact, songs are one of the most effective ways to improve your language skills. Turn on the music, read the translation and sing along. Moreover, you can subscribe to a series of podcasts called “English by songs” and investigate new collocations from world-famous songs. This podcast is conducted in Russian.

My next point is YouTube. I really enjoy watching Zoella’s vlogs. She lives in Brighton, so it helps me to get accustomed to British accent, look what life is out there and indeed develop my English.

Moving on, if you are a fan of funny memes, you should definitely subscribe to “English for idlers” in Vkontakte. One more useful community is “English page” where you can download lots of coursebooks, exam materials and dictionaries in digital form.

Apropos, how much time do you spend on Instagram? Let me guess. More than you need. Follow @building.your.vocab and @english_vocabulary in order to make browsing the news feed more valuable by upgrading your vocabulary on a day-to-day basis. In addition, profiles @englishwithnab and @tips4ielts can also be beneficial.

If you have problems with memorizing new words, making cards is the best solution. Just cut a small square of paper, write down the word on the one side of a card and its translation on the other. Then you have to revise the words once a day during a week. I guarantee that this method will enable new vocabulary be etched into your memory. In fact, there is “Flashcards” which can considerably simplify the task.

In addition, I strongly recommend you a Lingual app. Personally, I use it for watching TED videos with subtitles in English. I picture myself on stage and try to copy the orator’s speech. It helps me to strengthen my pronunciation and learn new collocations.

All things considered, it seems reasonable to assume that with the advent of the Internet, we have a plenty of opportunities to study a foreign language. Today, every ambitious man knows the price of time and money. That is why it is essential to know exactly how to make English learning way productive. I have tried to accommodate all useful life hacks, profiles and websites that I have been accumulating for five years. It seems to me that every opportunity, whether you wait for the bus, you wait in a traffic jam in your car, you wait your friend to arrive or you wait something to load on your computer, should be taken as a chance to make use of my advice and study some vocabulary. I really hope it will be valuable for you.