Hebrew alphabet

LetterEnglish soundPronunciation
אaas in Albert
בbas in Bob
גgas in galaxy
דdas in door
הhas in hotel
וvas in vest
זzas in zebra
חsharp has in Hamburg
טtas in town
יyas in year
ךk (final)as in neck
כkas in kit
לlas in light
םmas in home
מmas in moon
ןn (final)as in man
נnas in nice
סsas in sweet
ע‘ano equivalent
ףp (final)as in loop
פpas in pony
ץts (final)as in cats
צtsas in tsunami
קquas in queen
רras in room
שshas in show
תtas in team
בbas in bank
כkas in king
פּpas in park
תּtas in time
וּuas in ultimate
וvas in vanity
אֽaas in Albert
אֿaas in alphabet
שׁshas in shine
שׂsas in small
וֹoas in olympics

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