Greek alphabet

LetterEnglish soundPronunciation
Α αAlphaa as in smart
Β βBetav as in very
Γ γGammabetween y as in yes and g as in go
Δ δDeltath as in that
Ε εEpsilone as in very
Ζ ζZetaz as in zoo
Η ηEtaee as in bee
Θ θThetath as in think
Ι ιIotaee as in bee
Κ κKappak as in look
Λ λLambdal as in log
Μ μMum as in man
Ν νNun as in not
Ξ ξXix as in wax
Ο οOmicrono as in box
Π πPip as in top, close to ‘b’
Ρ ρRhorolled r as in Roma
Σ σ ςSigmas as in sap
Τ τTaut as in hot, but softer and close to ‘d’
Υ υUpsilonee as in bee
Φ φPhiph as in photo
Χ χChich as in the scottish loch
Ψ ψPsips as in upside
Ω ωOmegao as in box

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