Finnish alphabet

LetterEnglish soundPronunciation
A a/ɑː/a as in ask
B b/beː/b as in bank
C c/seː/s before i,e,y other “k” in Canada
D d/deː/d as in David
E e/eː/e as in elevated, “a” before “g”
F f/æf/f as in Frank
G g/ɡeː/s as in pleasure before e,i,y,ä,ö. Or “g” as in God elsewhere
H h/hoː/h as in holiday
I i/iː/as in ink
J j/j/j as in ‘y’ in yes
K k/koː/k as in kid
L l/æl/, /ˈæl.læ/l as in life
M m/æm/, /ˈæm.mæ/m as in mom
N n/æn/, /ˈæn.næ/n as in noon
O o/oː/o as in old
P p/peː/p as in pope
Q q/kuː/Q is no longer used
R r/ær/, /ˈær.ræ/as in brother
S s/æs/, /ˈæs.sæ/s as in Sam
Š š/ˈhat.tuˌæs/sh as in ship, sometimes ‘s’ in small
T t/teː/t as in table, sometimes as in ‘d’ as in mat
U u/uː/as in the ultra
V v/ʋeː/sounds like a “b” in Basque
W w/ʋeː/v as in vast
X x/æks/, /ˈæk.sæ/ks as in wax
Y y/uː/u as in put
Z z/tset/, /ˈtse.tɑ/s as in cats
Ž ž/ˈhat.tuˌtset/,sh before e,i,y,ä,ö, “chs” before a,o,å,u
Å å/oː/oo in poor
Ä ä/æː/ae as in ache
Ö ö/øː/u as in ultra

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