Dutch alphabet

LetterEnglish soundPronunciation
A aaashort (a) long (aa)
B bbeesimilar to English
C cseeeither s or k, e.g. sirkel
D ddeesimilar to English
E eeeshort (a) long (aa)
F fefsimilar to English
G ggeetwo sound possible, soft and gutteral
H hhaasimilar to English
I iieshort (i) long (ie), and not (ii)
J jjotlike English y, e.g. jes(afr) = yes(eng)
K kkaasimilar to English
L lelsimilar to English
M memsimilar to English
N nensimilar to English
O oooshort (o) long (oo)
P ppeesimilar to English
Q qkuukw used, eg. kwart = 1/4
R rersimilar to spanish
S sessimilar to English
T tteesimilar to English
U uuushort (u) long (uu)
V vvausimilar to English f
W wweeunique sound
X xexused in loan words only
Y yylike English “ay” e.g. yl(afr) = ale (eng)
Z zsets is often used

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