10 tips for learning a foreign language
  1. You don’t need to spend several hours a day on learning a foreign language. Much more important is regular repetition of the material covered. You need to take notes by hand;
  2. Sing karaoke. Visual memory will be involved and pronunciation will be improved. Try to listen more foreign songs;
  3. Translate songs;
  4. Find social networks of foreigners and read their posts, watch stories. You can even get acquainted;
  5. Chat with foreigners. Video chats are also very useful;
  6. Read books and gradually increase the difficulty level. Start with fairy tales;
  7. Watch foreign movies without subtitles. Disable them, otherwise the brain will look for an easy way out of the situation. Choose only a pleasant movie, from those that you have already watched in your own language;
  8. Speak a foreign language to yourself. If you are studying with someone, then communicate all together;
  9. Watch the interviews with the stars. You should not watch the news, because the language there is more official than in everyday communication;
  10. Conduct dictations for yourself. If you keep a dictionary, then write out words and expressions in your native language, but in a scattered way. Because our brain can remember the translation only through the sequence.