The list of most common words

It is enough to know approximately 100 words to survive in a different country. Take a small test and find out what are the most common words you need to learn, so you will know the basics of the language.


Client review
Wilmer Quentin

I study two languages ​using online school of Language Mix, I am very pleased with the level of the content provided here for free!

Client review
Charissa Nelle

Awesome experience: I have just completed 5 tests on Language Mix and I really loved it! It is a complete, professional and free platform. I highly recommend!

Client review
Agnes Radcliff

Language Mix is excellent – I have so enjoyed taking language lessons here. Cannot recommend more highly! Just wish they offered Norwegian as well.

Client review
Sienna Colten

I am using Language Mix to refresh my French language skills for about 3 months and have had a great experience so far. This is a wonderful alternative for the in-person classes.

How it works

1. Choose your native language for the website;

2. Choose a language that you want to study;

3. Complete a test and work on your mistakes.